The Point After: A Sports Blog Coming of Age Story




In a world where ESPN, CBS, NBC, and the rest of the mainstream media controlled the way we viewed sports, the average sports fan took to the internet seeking a more modernized outlet for their degenerate sports needs. Gone are the days of appointment television and DVR boxes. Why pay for cable when you can just pick up an illegal stream from reddit? The sports media world is growing faster than these outdated companies can zip their pants up and move on to the next market to fuck their customers wallets in and squeeze every last drop out of them. In come the companies that paved the way for our shitty little blog, much like the bell of the ball, Barstool Sports. Stormed into the media world with middle fingers up and even hopped in and claimed Saturday for themselves and all the boys (Sidebar: Unreal cuckjob that Barstool gets a day of every week when Jesus and breast cancer can only get a month each). Regardless, companies like Barstool and Bleacher Report have opened the door for generally untalented college students like us start a blog.
Growing up in Western Massachusetts gave us a pretty uneventful upbringing, so with the not so subtle encouragement from our fathers we found our way into the world of sports. Putting our mediocre youth sports careers behind us, two of us grew up as your typical MA fans. Watching Tom Brady win over 200 games and 5 Super Bowls in the last decade and a half was rewarding to say the least, and we even got to see a few more along the way. ’04-’07-’13 Sox, ’08 Celtics and an ’11 Stanley Cup that, frankly, I couldn’t really give a shit about besides the fact that Boston won it. All we know is how to win, and you’re a fucking idiot if you think theres even a chance Pat Patriot loses more than four games in a year in our lifetime. When Tom Brady is playing his age 60 season in 2037 and carving the Jets up for 290 and 4 TD’s, feel free to send the city of Boston an apology for not bowing down and blowing King Tom.
The third of the TPA trio is Cam, your classic Yankees/Giants fan hiding in the Holyland of Championships and beautiful quarterbacks(RIP Jimmy). Clinging to the “count the rings” Bronx attitude and gloating about the championships the Yankees won where all of their players still had day jobs to pay the bills and played with a 7 pound glove. Cam is here to both entertain us with his stories from the miseries of the Meadowlands, and also because Doug’s his roommate and he felt left out. Individually we’re three talentless slobs with a supreme lack of initiative. But if you put us together, we combine to be The Point After: Three Guys, One Blog, Zero Talent.

Author: Woody

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