Fire Marvin Lewis

99.9% of the time, I could give a shit about the Cincinnati Bengals organization. I also did not see their game at all today against the Jacksonville Jaguars, and didn’t really want to see it. I have no horse in this race. But I happened to catch the tail end of the game. Jags up 23-7 with 33 seconds left in the game. Bengals get the ball with 2 timeouts left and what’s their play call? QB kneel. A fucking kneel. Yes, I understand the Bengals had no chance in hell to win, but if I’m a Bengals fan, I am ripshit about that call. At least have some pride. Marvin Lewis needs to tell the red rifle Andy Dalton to sling it and try and not make the team look like a total joke. But no, they take a knee. I don’t care how badly you’re getting beat, play hard until that final whistle blows. The attitude Lewis is giving off to his team to essentially give up is the reason the Bengals will never win with Marvin Lewis. He’s worn out his welcome in Cincy and needs to go. Yeah, he had a few good years back in the day, but he’s over. Every time I hear that he and Bill Belichick are the two most tenured coaches in the league disgusts me. Lewis couldn’t be on Belichick’s level even if he put his Madden franchise on rookie. He’s been coaching damn near 15 years in the league and has yet to win a playoff game. What are you waiting for Cincy? Tampa Bay fired Tony Dungy and he actually won in the month of January. There’s nothing to be waiting for anymore, you’ve seen the best of Lewis. Move on.

Author: Dougy


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