The Point After, the story of your average college Boston sports fans, and Sups

… And enter Tom Brady. Yes, much like the greatest of all time, we hope to explode onto the scene and take over the sports media world. Well, not really. It’s just a few guys who love sports and really have no talent/experience when it comes to writing blogs. But we’re Pats fans who live in America, and if I’ve learned anything in 18 years of living it’s that we win all the time and this free country gives me the right to post bullshit opinions on whatever the hell I want when it comes to sports, and my opinion is almost always right. So i guess you can use this as a regular sports website that keeps you updated on current events, and maybe teaches you something you’ve never known about past quarterbacks who have made little to no mark on the National Football League in my average quarterback of the week column.

But there are plenty of other topics we’ll cover as well. Our co-founder Jake will keep you updated with literally everything in sports almost every day because he has no life other than sports, Italian things, and Arsenal. I can’t shit on him too bad though, he does have a passion for average quarterbacks like myself, more specifically Seneca Wallace, one of the many, many quarterbacks who went to Cleveland and failed. (Don’t worry, MANY Browns quarterbacks will be featured on average QB of the week.)

Then we have the outsider, the supporter of the empire, the New York Giants and Yankees fan Cam. We don’t know why we hang out with him, but I guess he can give some insight on the irrelevant New York sports. But I won’t judge him, afterall he was just brought up this way, a true tragedy. It isn’t his fault that his quarterback is the horse-faced Eli Manning and not the genetically perfect Tom Brady. But for the Boston fans he’s going to give great insight to show what it’s like to be a present day Giants fan.

It’s going to be a fun time, and hopefully we will get to take you inside the minds of two ignorant Pats fans who haven’t experienced the blue-collar grind of a losing season, and one Giants fan who has Ben Macadoo as their current head coach.

Author: Dougy


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