Belly of the Beast: Story of a sports minority in Western Massachusetts

You all probably have that one friend who’s just……different. You know what i’m talking about, the guy who has AT&T when you have Verizon, the guy who prefers Burger King over your beloved McDonalds, yeah that guy’s me. Growing up a Yankees/Giants fan in Western Massachusetts isn’t the easiest but hey at least I don’t live in Boston right? You’re probably wondering the same annoying question asked by all little kids that live in Pats Nation/Red Sox Nation, “Why do you like the Yankees and Giants? You live in Massachusetts!” Yeah no shit little Susie just let me explain, It was passed down from generation to generation like Butch’s watch in Pulp Fiction, meaning my dad was a fan, my grandpa was a fan and grew up outside New York, so therefore i’m gonna carry the torch and be a fan too.   Don’t get me wrong, I’m a proud fan of my teams and will live with them until I die, but let me tell you how excruciatingly painful it is sometimes to watch these teams. Speaking of pain let’s start with the Giants, now of course im talking about this just god awful 2017 season they’re having but not just this season is hard to watch. I tell Pats fans all the time it must be nice to have an idea of how your season is going to go before the season starts or how well your team will do against a particular defense/offense the week before a game because us Giants fans literally have no idea what that’s like. The only certainty is if we see the Pats in the Super Bowl but besides that not a single clue if the Giants will play great football or just absolutely shit the bed. As a Baseball fan you’d think you would have confidence being a Yankees fan, the team with the most World Series rings, most Pennants, Richest History, and some of the most legendary players. But remember I live in Red Sox nation so people spit at me even when the Yankees make it a game from the World Series and wear the home run leaders jersey in public. Moving on to my colleagues here, the two homer fans, they’re great friends (even though Woody hasn’t followed my twitter until a few days prior to writing this)  and have wonderful sports insight but are just like the rest of Patsnation and relentlessly shit on me. God forbid I say something bad about Tom Brady or else Doug, my roommate, will excommunicate me or Woody  will verbally abuse me until near tears. Regardless amped to be part of the squad at The Point After and hope we have something real going on here.

Author: Sups

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