Halftime: The Hot Take Hotspot for the Remainder of the Patriots Season

Halfway through the campaign for ring six and its been a roller coaster through the shaky Geonosis terrain for Sith Lord Belichick and his underpaid stormtroopers. On this quest for control of the galaxy it’s not hard to find the weak spots of the ship. Tom Brady and his bird-diet can’t carry a swiss cheese defense to another parade through Beantown. Devin “Ed Reed” McCourty is doing his best to make up for the lackluster play of a secondary that was meant to be in the elite tier this season. I would rather burn twenty million dollars in front of the Buffalo Bill’s facility than let Stephon Gilmore’s bum ass rot on the injured reserve with a fake concussion. After a week 4 loss to the Panthers bringing the team to an astoundingly underwhelming 2-2 record, the secondary has looked more promising. Malcolm Butler has been adequate, and Jon Bademosi seems to be the Belichick from the rafters/next man up player of the year. Aside from the secondary the front seven is still desperately seeking a pick me up after the fall of Dont’a Hightower a few weeks ago. No championship team should ever have Cassius Marsh playing real snaps on defense, no matter how bitchin’ his name may be. With the trade deadline come and gone, Lord Bill will need to pull some magic out of his ass if he wants to see a single quarterback pressure, let alone a second half sack.

On the other side of the ball Tom Brady is still proving that age is just a number. I’ve never seen a group of Patriots more injured than this receiving core since the British were coming in 1776. With Edelman out, this offense is begging for a safety blanket in short yardage with Gronk only able to do so much. The key to the Patriots success over the past two decades has been their ability to have key playmakers always available for high-target seasons. From Troy Brown, to Kevin Faulk and Wes Welker, the torch was passed to Jules and Rob so Brady and McDaniels always knew they had a guy who could produce when plays didn’t develop downfield. Fans in the 2017 campaign seem to have lost some faith in this offenses ability to put up big numbers. The biggest bright side of this year after Tommy is the swiss army knife that makes up the Patriot’s backfield. Mike Gillislee is fitting nicely into the classic Pat’s TD machine power back role. White, Lewis, and Burkhead are all doing exactly as they should, allowing the offense to remain diverse through all of the injuries. Gronk is still a machine after some early season injury issues, per usual. Nonetheless the offense is still performing with a few minor hiccups.

To sum up a long column, here are your TPA second half predictions:

Jacob: 12-4 record with losses away at Miami and away at Pittsburgh, leading to an AFC Championship over the Chiefs, and a close Super Bowl win over Philly.

Dougy: 12-4 record with losses away at Buffalo and away at Pittsburgh, AFCC win over the Chiefs, Super Bowl win over the Seahawks.

God Bless Tom Brady, Long Live the Dynasty, and Trust in Belichick.

Author: Woody and Dougy AKA The Boston Boys

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