Ben McAdoo doesn’t golf

One way to describe the New York Giants season to this point is just one horrible round of golf. Whenever you take a  swing, it ends up in the trees to the right.  Now unless you’re just at the course to smoke cigars and get piss drunk, you’ll try to fix your swing. You’ll try to set your feet differently, shift your grip, even take swing advice from Gary, that creepy guy from accounting that puts mayo on literally everything. At one point, if you try hard enough, you’ll find that swing again. At this point I think it’s safe to say Ben McAdoo doesn’t golf because he is making absolutely no adjustments with the Giants . The Giant’s head coach second season has been completely derailed and if McAdoo doesn’t start making changes then it’ll never get back on track. The Giants are just a mess, half of the team hates their coach (especially the DBs), players are getting suspended constantly (especially the DBs), and it showed on Sunday when the Giants defense got straight toasted (especially the DBs). Look the defense was actually sickening this Sunday and has really underperformed all year. Am I the only one who had to go puke your guts out in the bathroom after watching the Giants not only give up a touchdown on a 3rd and 33 but on a screen play. A SCREEN! The handjob of pass plays. But the defense isn’t what really gets me going on Sundays, it’s the god awful offense and the offensive playcalling. Ever since McAdoo came onto the scene a season ago I hated his play calling and it really shows this year. How many times have you seen the Giants have a drive where they run on first down for no gain, either run again for a loss of yards or run a pass play but get sacked, and on 3rd down they run a draw and have to punt. Like would it kill you McAdoo to throw the ball more than 20 yards down the field. Now I know that what’s preventing them from throwing deep is a Giants o-line that couldn’t block a defense full of people wearing inflatable sumo suits.  Regardless, McAdoo needs to take his thumb out of his ass and trust the goofiest QB in the league, Eli Manning, to throw the ball down the field and score some points so it’s not so embarrassing to be a Giants fan. I wish Odell could coach the team, at least the team would play with some heart.

Author: Sups

Photo: New York Post


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