Does Colin Kaepernick Love Whole Foods? Does Tony Gonzalez Hate Them Both? Heres The Answer To Neither.

Colin Kaepernick may be the most polarizing player in the NFL, past or present. In this blog’s short history we’ve already had one blog about the quarterback, and frankly I had my doubts about this post. All three of us here at The Point After share the same stance on this issue, and any fan of the game should as well. Colin Kaepernick’s political views mean absolutely nothing to the game of football. If he was running for Senate, fine, dig deep into his liberal agenda and let everyone hear it. I don’t care if he walks around Tebowing in Whole Foods and starts the Cult of the West Coast Offense, let the guy live. Fans aside, Tony Gonzalez was a fantastic football player. That much cannot be argued no matter what way you spin it. But god damn does this guy hate Kaep. I mean not just recently, out of left field jabs in different media outlets for two years. Yesterday Tony Gonzalez said in an impromptu TMZ Sports interview in which he stated regarding the ex-49ers play caller, “He is done. I don’t think he’ll get a chance, never again.” He continued on to say that Kaep is “not good enough for the headache”. I have no problems with that take, he was approached on the street, barraged with questions on NFL controversies, and answered them coherently and with I’m sure inside info that future Hall of Fame players get word of. But this wasn’t the first time this has happened, back in a 2016 interview with, you guessed it, TMZ Sports, he had a lot to say about Kaepernick’s decision not to vote. This is not a political site and I will leave the links to the interviews below for you to formulate your own opinion, but really what’s the beef here? From what I’ve read these guys don’t really know each other, and from what I can tell have never had any issues. I don’t know, maybe the guy with a piss-missile for an arm slept with his wife. Maybe Tony Gonzalez is just looking to stay relevant by giving a controversial opinion on the leagues most hot-buttoned clickbait issue.



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Anyways, this whole post was a vehicle to make a few Whole Foods jokes. Somehow the organic, farm to table cheese at Whole Foods smells less like cheese than the sandal-wearing health nuts that stroll around that store searching for the next super-food. How about all of you and big ol’ T Gonz grab some wings, sit back, and watch Kaep throw some more interceptions in the league we love.

Author: Woody

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