Is Brett Hundley The Worst? Yes.

I don’t know what it is about this guy that rubs me the wrong way, but something does. He’s a fine backup, showing just enough “potential” to stick around, but not enough to warrant any real praise. Mike McCarthy has dumbed down the offense to short gains on runs and check downs, with Hundley not throwing a pass over 10 yards in the air until what seemed like the fourth quarter. Of his 18 passing attempts in the first half, THIRTEEN were thrown five or fewer yards downfield, and if that wasn’t bad enough, eight of those were thrown behind the line of scrimmage. Good lord. He was 7-10 for 27 yards at one point in the first half, just so uninspiring to all around him. He makes nobody better, and can’t even run a Pop Warner offense in his junior season. I mean honestly, maybe its just because his names Brett. Any other Brett’s under center in Green Bay feels like overkill.


While this hatred is a gut feeling, let us look to the tape to see just what it is that makes Brett so special. Here he is, in a relatively clean pocket, time to throw, and his #1 receiver wide open in the middle of the field. No corner covering, no safety help, and our man Hundley looking right into Jordy’s soul. No brainer pass that any quarterback should make, but thats what special here. This play ended in a sack. This is the football equivalent of throwing an uncontested layup off the shot clock while somehow committing a technical foul.

Maybe it’s the way he looks, with his terrible beard and that broken hairline that has a follicle booger hanging out of it. Just a total squid. While we watched the game Sups claimed he looked “like the first kid in middle school who could grow facial hair”. Who knows, maybe that’s the stem of my beef with this guy. Eighteen years old and I’m shaving my fuzzy face three times a day praying something grows back the next. Either way, I still can’t pinpoint why this guys twerpy little face really inspires the hate in my heart, but nothing will change that any time soon.

Author: Woody

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