Please Stop Saying The Pats Should’ve Signed Colin Kaepernick

Since Jimmy G got shipped out to San Fran, I have been hearing a lot of speculation around who should be the new backup to the goat. Obviously, the Pats signed QB Brian Hoyer and that was that. But according to the students and professors alike at my school, the Pats should have signed Colin Kaepernick. If you are a Patriot fan who believes this, you truly do not understand the Belichick way. Kap might be the last quarterback I would sign if i was the hooded wonder, and here’ why.

Just to be clear before I dive right in: I am a huge hippie. Yup I’m all for world peace, I believe we should try and avoid war at all costs, I believe we should feed the hungry all over the world, and yes, my morning walk to class usually consists of the Beatles. So when it came to Kap taking a knee, I was not against it. He has a right to take a knee just like anyone has a right to express their disapproval of the protest. But enough about politics. Just because I wasn’t against the protest doesn’t mean I feel he should make an NFL roster. Let’s face it, his best days were with a stellar defense and a ton of talent around him, with a mix of defenses never seeing the pistol, the offence in which he could effectively run, before. Plus, let’s face it, he wasn’t the most accurate thrower. And that’s being nice. He couldn’t hit the giant flag on the field that he protests standing from 30 yards away. Even if you watch the Super Bowl that he played in, he could not accurately throw to open receivers and could not make throws your Average Quarterback of the Week could make. Yes, he did lead an incredible comeback, but since he simply hasn’t been good.

I will say, Kap had an arm similar to Bruce Springsteen’s high school friend in the song “Glory Days”. But if you are the average Pats fan, you understand that power really isn’t what the Pats are looking for in a quarterback, it’s all about timing and accuracy, something of which Kap lacks. He is the opposite type of quarterback that fits into the Patriot offense. So I ask as a somewhat knowledgeable Patriot and football fan, don’t say stupid things like “Kap is the best move for the Patriots” because as far as I’m concerned, I’m excited to see that bald head of Brian Hoyer’s covered with a Patriot helmet again.

Author: Dougy

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One thought on “Please Stop Saying The Pats Should’ve Signed Colin Kaepernick

  1. I think we should have kept Jimmy G as I’m sure Tom Brady will retire within the next year! But as u said Belichick always has a plan we know nothing about!!!!🏈🏈🏈


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