NFL Draft fuck up of the week

I’d like to start explaining this new segment about draft fuck ups. It’s a very broad subject and will cover a lot of NFL draft topics. Some days it may be draft busts, or maybe it will be a situation where a team could have had a hall of famer or a game changer, but instead made a bonehead move and took someone else. You know, like the Cleveland Browns seem to do every year (Yes they probably will be featured A LOT). Some stories you will have heard of, some you might not have thought about, and I may use the same player in different situations for a number of different teams. It will all depend on the information I’m able to find on the topic

Lastly, I will try and toss one draft fuck up a week up, but I can’t promise it as I plan on doing a lot of research just to see how things would have possibly worked out for the team on topic. One thing I can promise is that I will be making some front office stooges look bad in this segment. So let’s dive right in.

My first draft fuck up of the week goes to the Oakland Raiders, and not because JaMarcus Russell, but for a less talked about one. Many forget that in the legendary 1983 NFL draft, the (LA) Raiders had the 26th pick in the draft and took center Don Mosebar. Not a bad pick, 3 pro bowls in a 12 year career. But the player picked right after Mosebar was Pitt quarterback Dan Marino. Now in this time, the Raiders were pretty damn good. Some all time greats like Howie Long and Marcus Allen led the Raiders to a Super Bowl win, but since Kenny “the snake” Stabler dipped, they still have yet to have a great quarterback on their roster. And an 80s Dan Marino just made sense.

You see, ole Danny Marino fell in the draft because of a drug use rumor. This was proven false but I mean c’mon, he basically would’ve been forced to do drugs in that Raider locker room. Dan was strong, smart, cool and confident. The perfect fit for an LA Raider team. People forget that the booming league called the USFL had their own draft and the LA Express took Marino in that draft. Marino stopped by and apparently didn’t hate L.A. It was the perfect fit and seemingly a perfect Al Davis quarterback.

Why did Al miss this guy? Well as we all know Al, he loves the big money best, strongest player he can get. Quarterback John Elway shined in Al’s spectacles so much that he missed Marino. Davis actually was willing to trade Howie Long for Elway, instead of simply drafting Marino. Davis also was involved with many lawsuits throughout the offseason, which may have taken his mind off this incredibly stacked draft class. Classic Al Davis: getting so tangled up in lawsuits with the NFL and wanting the best player in the draft so much he simply missed Dan Marino.

What could’ve been: First, Marino would have actually won a Super Bowl. Secondly, this would’ve stabilized the QB position in Oakland/L.A. for years to come. WHo knows, the Raiders could’ve made some more big playoff runs with Marino as well. But that’s simply not the Raider way. The Raider way is signing the fastest, strongest players and anticipating JaMarcus Russell is the next face of the NFL.

Author: Dougy

(Info gathered by one of the top 10 30 for 30s of all time, Elway to Marino)

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