Introducing Your 2017/2018 NFL MVP: James Rittenhouse Develin Jr.

There are many things in this world I will never understand. There are many things in this world I will never be able to change. I am at peace with every single one of the entities that are out of my control besides one, the complete lack of recognition the fullback position gets in today’s National Football League. There will be another blog soon on the position as a whole, but this article is focused on the impact one player has. He is known by all as a player, known by many as a valuable player, but to me he is the Most Valuable Player in the NFL.


Image from Brown Athletics

James Rittenhouse Develin Jr. was born on July 23, 1988 to father Jim Sr. and mother Donna, an All-American family from Westchester, Pennsylvania. Jimmy D, as he’s referred to by effectively no one, was a highly esteemed defensive lineman coming out of high school. He won several meaningless awards and played in a bunch of national “who’s parents paid for the most expensive camps to get my child into the spotlight” games. All of the accolades meaning nothing to ol’ Jimbo, he packed up and headed for a football powerhouse, a university synonymous with National Championships and high draft selections, a school once referred to by me in this very sentence as the Alabama of the Ivy League; Brown University. After graduating from Brown and somehow being overlooked in the NFL draft, J-Train headed for the AFL, and then onto the greatest league in sports, the UFL. In the United Football League Jamester made a transition that would not only change football, but as well my life. Develin was officially a fullback. After kicking around the semi-pro leagues he finally made the Patriots practice squad in 2012, and has been in my opinion an All-Pro snub his entire career.


Image from

I could ramble on about the beginning stages of The Devel for pages, but honestly Wikipedia’s “Early Life” section is disgustingly lacking on the transcendent player. What I’m here to do is convince you that the MVP trophy can and should be given out to more than just the starting quarterback on one of the leagues best teams from that season. If you think you can argue that any single player is more valuable than our very own Rittenhouse, than I’d tell you you’re wrong. Funny enough, saying single player is the undersell of the millennium, I would take Devvy over my entire fantasy team, the team of grown squids from “The Benchwarmers”, maybe even the Browns’ entire organization. There is no stat that has led me to this point, and frankly there is no stat to measure the greatness of a fullback. The only arguable intangible is the tried and true, eye test. That would be all fine and dandy, but in this case the intangible is fact, and you cannot argue.


James Develin is the Most Valuable Player in the National Football League. You know how I know that? Literally zero clue. You read this whole six hundred word blog for the opinion of an idiot, and for that, I thank you.

Author: Woody

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