Red Sox Prospect Daniel Flores Passes Away At Just 17

The world has taken away from us a child with so much promise, not only for the game of baseball but as a man. For the second time in as many days, I’m sat here trying my best to deal with writing a blog about the passing of a player I admire. With news coming from New England beat reporters, word had gotten out yesterday afternoon that Daniel Flores, an international prospect ranked No. 5 in the Red Sox farm had tragically passed at just 17 from a battle with cancer. While being treated at Massachusetts General Hospital, it seems as if Flores’ treatment had taken a turn for the worse in recent weeks. The family of the deceased did not wish to release the details of his condition or for how long he was affected. While this blog may not be the legitimate sports media outlet for one to get the story, I’ve decided the best I can do to both help myself and any readers process such a tragedy would be to not dwell on what has happened, but to remember the footprint that this remarkable young man left behind.


In 2014 the Red Sox spent big in international free agency with the acquisitions of Yoan Moncada and Anderson Espinoza, and after two years of league restrictions they had the ability to make a splash again in 2016. For a signing bonus of 3.1 million dollars they signed Venezuelan catcher Daniel Flores. At just sixteen years old, he was considered a player with the potential to be a one of a kind catcher behind the dish. Along with his abilities with the mitt, he had projected plus power, and overall a game more polished than most scouts had ever seen at this age. Yes, this is a huge loss for the Red Sox organization, but as well for all of those around him. Rest in peace Daniel, we all hope you’re living your best life in a better place.

Author: Woody

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