Where else would Bennett sign?

So Marty B. is back in a Patriot uniform, but we could have seen this coming. Just yet another typical Bill Belichick move where he took someone who didn’t work with another team and will surely dominate with the Pats. All too similar to the Legarrette Blount situation, here was a player who wanted to cash out and when it didn’t work out they came crawling back to New England. Not throwing shade at Marty B. because I am confident that he will play a huge role in a deep postseason run and probably will be breaking team records soon as well.

It really isn’t even fair. We’re going to get a fresh Martellus Bennett for cheap and you just know he is going to ball out. I know I am sure we will have a shit load of karma coming our way as Patriot fans, but who cares? For right now and the for the foreseeable future I can say: God damn it feels good to be a Pats fan.

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