Josh McCown: My Fifth Favorite Quarterback Of All Time

In the next few days here on The Point After Blog, I will be listing out my five favorite quarterbacks of all time for you readers. While number one should come as no mystery, the rest of the picks are some real barn burners. Before I get into the specifics, you must know the criteria for this mini-series. Absolutely zero of these choices are merit based, they are simply the signal callers who have touched my heart the most in the last 18 years of my life. So without further ado, my fifth favorite quarterback of all time is none other than Josh McCown.

Josh McCown is the southern belle to my country charm. Born in Jacksonville, Texas he’s been a gridiron man since the day he was born. While this article and the coming installments in this series aren’t about the coming of age story for my favorite gunslingers, McCown’s come up is so important to my love for his game. If you asked me to build my perfect quarterback, the intangibles most important to me may be very different than most others’. For example, my guy would certainly have a southern charm to him. Whether it’s Brett Farve or Jason Street, something about the gritty meat and potatoes lifestyle down there can really breed football players.


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This man has played for TEN different NFL teams in his absolute roller coaster of a career, I mean thats some Hall of Fame numbers right there. This dude has more jerseys than the league did domestic violence cases last year, which somehow isn’t even a joke anymore, just something that is genuinely surprising. Absolutely wild life this man has lived. You know, after seven teams, he was on to the next challenge. Saying what the hell and played a year for the Hartford Cardinals in god knows what league. Then made an NFL comeback because he’s Josh Damn McCown. Just a total Swiss army knife of a guy. For the Lions he even played a little receiver for the fun of it. Third receiver on the depth chart had a few drops, OC saw ol’ faithful McCownster riding the pine and gave him a shot. Even went and caught a few balls against Lord Belichick in ’06. Now he’s onto the Jets, a laughingstock in a league full of absolute jokes. He joined the team as the cherry on top of a steaming pile of shit, and somehow has this team in pretender playoff contention. What a world we live in.


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So in conclusion, I probably should’ve had Joshy Boy higher on this list. He’s all heart, and God knows what this guys jersey closet looks like. His daughter even had a field day during spirit week when she saw jersey day on the lineup. God Bless America, God Bless Josh McCown, and saddle up for the rest of this list because it only gets better from here.

Author: Woody

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