New England Patriots vs. Denver Broncos Preview

Were currently a few hours away from gametime and I can’t wait for the absolute beatdown that is about to ensue. Brock Osweiler sucks, and you can take to the bank that this guy is shooting out an absolute zero today. I mean the guy might throw for negative yards if we’re being honest. Talk all you want about how good the Broncos defense is but guess what? Doesn’t mean anything to us. You give Tom Brady a bye week he’s going to pick your overrated secondary apart. The Denver Broncos are going to shut this guy down? They gave up a fifty burger last week. Here comes round two Denver, and honestly where even is Denver? Colorado, Utah, Iowa, Cuba? Who cares, Patty Patriot is going to run them out of town, this is Primetime pal get with the program. Patriots win by at least two scores and you can put the mortgage on that one. Safest bet of all time. Sit down and watch the greatest of all time put the work in on a “great” defense.


Side note, Lord Belichick went and added Ricky Jean Francois to the team just for the fun of it. Sure, we might’ve lost a gorgeous quarterback last week, but just for the kicks we pick up a Frenchman. You know why? When Patriots fight big battles sometimes they need the French’s help, been that way since the 18th century and there’s no shame in it. Honestly don’t even know if the guy is French but I did learn he owns like a million Dunkin franchises, could you pick a guy more made for this town? It’s like a couple years back he was sick of playing for losers, caught a whiff of our dark roast and wanted a piece of the pie. All time move, now he gets great coffee and a ring.

P.S: If this prediction is somehow wrong this post will be deleted in seconds. We don’t lose in Boston. Post game recap coming soon after the game, get ready for the celebration.

Author: Woody

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