Why Eric Taylor Would Be The Perfect Fit In Chicago

Obviously John Fox is not a bad coach. He’s been to two Super Bowls with two different teams. But let’s face it, this Chicago Bears team he is coaching at the moment probably won’t get him to his third Super Bowl, and he probably won’t be the coach of the future either as he’s 62 years old. The Bears are still rebuilding, and in my opinion it’s time to can Fox and sign a fresh-faced, first time head coach to lead the Bears back to the top. A coach that would fit perfectly with the Chicago Bears is our favorite high school coach, Eric Taylor.

If you think about it, it’s the perfect fit. Eric Taylor is a quarterback whisperer and has dealt with young quarterbacks before and has made them into fair signal callers. I mean let’s face it, although Matt Saracen was a fan favorite, he was nothing without Taylor’s coaching. Taylor is used to having a star running back in Smash Williams who can take over and control the offense when the quarterback is having growing pains or just struggling. This is a similar situation in Chicago where Eric Taylor could come in and thrive. An already talented Mitch Trubisky could become a great quarterback with Taylor’s teaching. Running back Jordan Howard could help control Taylor’s offense when Trubisky struggles in the offense.

It’s really too bad that Eric Taylor is a fictional character, because the Bears could really use him. Aside from his smarts, experience, and leadership, Eric Taylor’s “Clear eyes, full hearts, cant lose” mentality is what the Windy City needs in a coach.

Image from fanpop.com

Author: Dougy

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