Average QB of the Week: John Kitna

kitnajohn kitna

Sure, he doesn’t look like an NFL quarterback,  he looks more like your girlfriend’s former drill instructor father who will be cleaning his double barrel shotgun when you walk into his home for the first time. But hey, Jon Kitna was slept on as an NFL quarterback. Undrafted out of the absolute powerhouse that is Central Washington University, he signed with the Seahawks and was sent to play a year in the NFL Europe. Yeah, he was one of those guys. He came back to Seattle and served as a backup for a few years until he got the call in 1999. Kitna led the Seahawks to a playoff birth and then struggled to find playing time with injuries and poor play. He balled out enough to catch a contract with the Bengals and led them to their first non-losing since 1996 at a record of 8-8. (That’s right, that’s an accomplishment in Cincy, classic Marv Lewis).

Unfortunately, like most blue collar undrafted QBs, he was only breeding the first round pick Carson Palmer, the top 1% qb that never worked for anything and ruining this league. He got thrusted back into action when Palmer hurt his knee and had to get a true working class guy in there at QB in a 2004 playoff game. Kitna went to Detroit, the perfect city for him, and actually played pretty good in 2 years and ended up finding himself in top ten of passing yards for the Lions. Unfortunately, Kitna hurt his back (very working class injury) and was traded to back up Tony Romo in Dallas. He saw some playing time and injured his back, forcing him to retire. Then, much like a true American, he came back briefly to back up Kyle Orton when Romo went down with an injury.

After retirement, Kitna went on to coach high school football and he became a math teacher. That’s right, MATH teacher. Lord, Kitna is just full of surprises. This is why we love him, a true blue collar QB who never lets you look away, as you just don’t know what you’ll get with our AQBOW: Jon Kitna

.Image from freep.com

(All of this information is gathered either of my oddly broad knowledge of average quarterbacks or Wikipedia.com)

Author: Dougy

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