Patriots Recap With Bonus Victory Lap From Yours Truly

It’s honestly exhausting being right all the time. Let me give you a recap of my Sunday and how right I was.

In my preview blog for the Patriots-Broncos Sunday night game, I predicted the Patriots would “run the Broncos out of town” and “win by at least two scores”. Needless to say I couldn’t have been more right. I predicted Tom Brady would “pick their overrated secondary apart”, the GOAT proceeded to have yet another fantastic game and is on pace for a 5,000 yard season. The Broncos defense literally aged 15 years in two weeks, they SUCK. They’ve given up 90+ points in the last two weeks, Von Miller and Co. were getting shoved around by, if we’re being honest, a pretty average Patriots O-Line. The secondary had no answers for the Pat’s running backs in the passing game, as well as our tight ends just running amuck like dogs in a prairie. Just flat out not good enough from them, we didn’t even need our wide receivers to do any heavy lifting. P-U.

Now for some highlights/lowlights for the Patriots:

  • Tom Brady.
  • The running back by committee game plan seems to be unstoppable as the season goes on. Rex Baldhead is making plays all over the place and is somehow our most reliable receiving threat inn recent weeks. Dion Lewis had a rushing touchdown as well as a 103 yard kick return TD. James White pitched in a score through the air and a few nice plays.
  • The O-Line was awesome, proved a pass rush that was once scary good is now just a bag of bones.
  • Another quietly great game from Gronk, now please just sit him until the AFC Championship to keep all of our minds at ease.
  • Marty B with an all time finesse of the league, securing his bag in the offseason and faking a surgery to get ring #2. Love it.
  • Stephon Gilmore had a bounce back game, still not worth the money but at least he’s improving. The safeties also looked good for the most part.
  • The only real lowlight for me was Malcolm Butler throwing up an absolute dud. He let Emmanuel Sanders go for like a million receiving yards, although in his defense on most of those plays he was in the right place with the worst execution.

As far as the Broncos go their defense was terrible. Besides a garbage time pick Brock Osweiler looked relatively competent, but most of his yards were RAC from Sanders. Either way they suck and I love watching John Fox lose. Stay tuned for more next weekend.


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P.S: I love you Brian Hoyer. That end of game screen to Brandin Cooks gave my fantasy team a lovely two point lead in a must win game. God bless you.

Author: Woody

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