Travis Kelce is just boneless Gronk and I’ve had enough

Rob Gronkowski might be one of the best tight ends of all time. And yes, Travis Kelce is probably number 2 at the tight end position in the league right now. But I mean come on man, be your own guy. I’ve sat back for too long and watched Kelce go on a dating show, do stupid ass celebrations, and try and fight guys because he wants to be Gronk. Most recently, I’ve seen that Kelce is talking about how him and Dwayne Bowe are ballers in strip clubs and slinging money around. Well no more, I’m taking a stand for MY tight end. I’m not letting Kelce take over like this league on and off the field. You wanna be Gronk? Get 9 surgeries and still be dominant, get your own signature celebration, date a pornstar, and have a party bus and cruise. Most importantly, win some rings and be the number one playmaker in your offense. Like bro, yes you’re a good tight end and a good looking guy, but you’re no Gronk. Sit down and try and stop this three game losing streak you’re going through and get your own fun tight end personality.

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Author: Dougy

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