Pulling My Hamstring On My Walk To Dunkin: A Comeback Story

If anyone ever told you you couldn’t do something, you grab life by the leg and limp your way there. That is how my morning went. I woke up this morning with a chip on my shoulder, no one thought I would make it to an 8 am class. Everyone told me I couldn’t do it, so you know what I did? I woke up early, saw the sun shining through my window and decided to seize the day, to make it my own. I was going to get a bagel.

I walked down the stairs with a sense of pride and determination unmatched by any other. I was halfway to my campus Dunkin when disaster struck. One swift move of the leg and my hamstring gave out, my most loyal player falling short on my biggest test yet. The clock had not yet struck 7:30, but it felt like a lifetime had passed. I could see my final destination, a Holy Land of Massachusetts. I could’ve given up, but failure wasn’t an option. This was my morning. 

I powered through, each step a lightning bolt through my hamstring. I made it to Dunkin and needed a breather, reaching up triumphantly to call a quick timeout. After catching my breath I got in line, ordered my bagel and coffee knowing I finally made it. I proved all of my doubters wrong, and this story should be an inspiration to all that no matter what life throws at you, there’s always a bagel on the other side. 

Author: Woody


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