Rock Bottom: The Giants officially suck

“They’re playing the 49ers” they said, “ They’re 0-9” they said, these phrases haunt me as I write this week’s installment of the Giants week 10 game recap. Last week I sincerely thought that the Giants had hit rock bottom and that this week they’d bounce back and beat an unbeaten and seemingly depleted 49ers team, I was so wrong. Just a quick background on the San Francisco 49ers 2017 season to this point. The 49ers haven’t had a winning season since 2013 and have finished within the bottom 7 in the league in average points scored in each of those three seasons, they also started the year with Brian Hoyer who New England is familiar with and know well enough that he does not have what it takes to be a starter in the NFL. Now the 49ers starting qb is Casey Jarrett Beathard, the rookie drafted in the 3rd round out of Iowa university. C.J Beathard was compared to Tom Savage prior to being drafted, thast right the Houston Texans backup qb since 2014. While Savage had made his first two starts as a Texan due to the benching of Brock Osweiler at the end of last season, being compared to a backup you know what you’re gonna get right? So taking in all the facts here prior to the matchup between the Giants and the 49ers, you would have said I was crazy to say that the 49ers would score their second highest total points this season and have their no name/nobody qb out of who the hell cares state college throw for almost 300 yards passing and scored 3 touchdowns including 2 passing and one rushing. But I’m not crazy, just crazy frustrated with the entire Giants team this season especially the pitiful Giants defense. We all know the highlight of this sunday’s game, no not the Marquise Goodwin touchdown grab, (as touching as it was) I’m talking about the Garrett Celek touchdown catch and run down the sidelines. Jackrabbit Jenkins back after being suspended last week, with all the pent up anger and aggression, came out and completely shit the bed at corner this week. I mean he couldn’t tackle the boneless Celek brother in the open field, this shows the entire football world the Giants are defeated. They’ve thrown in the towel, raising the white flag, however you want to say it, losing to a winless team with a homeless looking qb at the helm is embarrassing and pathetic. Don’t worry though, The Giants owners, Steve Tisch and John Mara, released a statement this afternoon saying, “Ben McAdoo is our head coach and has our support”. Great, the head coach that the players hate, the other coaches hate, and the fans definitely hate, is sticking around until the end of the season. I swear on my grave that if the Giants owners keep McAdoo around for the 2018 season I will bandwagon so fast you won’t reach the uppercase A for Asshole in McAdoo’s name. The Giants season has hit complete rock bottom and I firmly believe that the Cleveland Browns could defeat my Giants, perhaps then we would get the first pick in next years draft.

Author: Sups  

Photo: NY Daily News

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