The Boston Celtics May Win 80 Consecutive Games

I have absolutely zero reason to believe the Celtics will ever lose again. Their U17 bench might be a 7 or 8 seed on their own. At this time they’ve won 12 in a row and they look unbelievable. After losing Gordon Hayward game one and then sputtering to a game two loss, the fanbase felt defeated. Everyone knew this team had the talent to contend, but few expected this production out of the team as a whole. The Celtics are averaging just 91 points allowed in this stretch, and they’ve absolutely blanketed some of the games elite. Two nights ago they beat the Raptors with no Kyrie, no Hayward, and have won two without Horford in that stretch. No matter the personnel Brad Stevens has adapted and sent out lineup after lineup that has other teams lost in their way trying to stop them.


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It’s not even like this team has just played lottery teams either. They’ve beaten legitimate contenders in the Bucks, Spurs, and Thunder, as well as borderline yearly 7/8 seed candidates in the Hornets, Hawks, and Heat. They’ve beaten some of the leagues best and won all the easy games they should. Just absolute domination with a team full of injuries and hyper-toddlers. I mean this team is so young and athletic, a swift and direct change of pace from Celtics teams in years past. They have veteran leadership, young talent and depth to run teams out of the gym. They have what should be an easy win tonight against Brooklyn, then Golden State comes to town. We might beat ’em by 40 for Christ sake. This team is finishing 80-2 whether you like it or not bucko. Get ready for the ride, and onto banner 18.

Author: Woody

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