Who’s the NFL’s true Iron man: Brett Favre or Woody?

Probably the hottest sports debate since Brady or Montana. Who is the true iron man of the National Football League? It really is between two absolute legends. We have Brett Favre or Woody? While it may be a little bias I’m going to have to give the crown to my homie Woody. I know, tough call. This was especially challenging as Brett Favre is my homie, I have his jersey in my closet and he and I are best friends, he just doesn’t know it yet. But don’t sleep on Woody, I have some info to back it up.

Yeah, I’ve heard it all before. Favre played after he had his guts taken out. He played under many injuries and played in 297 consecutive games without missing a snap. A record that probably will not be broken. I also know the obvious. Favre played 20 years in the NFL and Woody has played approximately zero. So how could Woody even be the NFL iron man? Well, here’s how:

I speak from seeing it first hand when I say I’ve seen how in depth Woody gets with his Madden franchises. Similar to his tobacco use, Woody is on record saying “It’s a problem, not an addiction.” While that statement can be hotly debated, there’s no arguing Woody goes IN DEPTH in these Madden chises. So he should be considered a true, committed NFL member. Woody woke up, feeling confident, on his way to Dunkin this is wear the season-ending injury seemed to take place when he pulled his hamstring. I think most of us would’ve taken a seat, massaged the hammy, and realized it was not our day and went to class. But no, Woody knew he NEEDED that Dunkin. He kept trudging on and made sure he got there and got that bagel. That wasn’t all. If any superhuman accomplished that, they would’ve called it quits on class. Not Woody though, he knew that he was up so might as well make the class run. It brings a tear to my eye thinking about this true American hero. Has Brett Favre ever done that? I doubt it. Sure he’s played with physical and emotional pain. But did he go to class afterwards? I doubt it. When it comes to who is the NFL iron man, I’m confident in saying this case is closed.

Image from madison.com

Author: Dougy

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