Is it just me or does the Manning statue looks like it was made from Legos?

It’s a little late but I’ve needed to get this off my chest. I know, call me a Manning hater simply because I’m a Patriot fan. But let me tell you, I am a huuuge fan of the sheriff. Yes, his big forehead and nationwide commercials really can piss anyone off. But in truth he really did a lot for the Colt organization and really turned that franchise around. Going from Jeff George to Peyton Manning is a pretty damn good upgrade. But when the cover came off of that Manning statue I think if I was the sheriff I would have just left. Of course Jim Irsay would approve a joke of a statue. He probably didn’t even look up from the pile of coke his face was buried in to approve a decent statue instead of a statue that was built from little Jimmy’s lego set. I was actually astonished when not tweet was posted saying how stupid the statue looked. I mean come on. It looks like if I had some sort of art skills and had to do a project 20 minutes before class. I’m just glad my organization isn’t run by a babbling cokehead. I know that the Brady statue will be built well, and much like the Brady Manning rivalry, the Brady statue will just be better than Manning’s.

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