Queen Elizabeth II Read My Blog

It came to my attention today the Point After has gone global, although I couldn’t say I didn’t see this coming. In the last five or so days we’ve had a regular crowd of crumpet sniffers glueing there eyes to the blog from across the Atlantic. While I can’t know for sure, there is also zero way of proving that these phantom reads aren’t from her majesty and those statuesque guards at the Bucky Pal.


Although the Queen is not a known fan of the American take on football,  I’ve always thought me and her would be the best of friends. The kind of friends Trump and Putin are, where one has all the power and the other just enjoys the ride in their back pocket. Sadly me and Liz (first name basis, NBD) have yet to figure out who is who in that relationship. Switching gears, now that I know she’s a reader I can use this opportunity to make my pitch to her. So, Beth (another little nickname we’ve got going) how about we finally get our two man off-Broadway show going. We could talk politics, maybe a little gossip about some world leaders, and just see where it goes. I’m available for tea literally any time ever but you’ll have to work around my blog schedule. I’m sure your house is okay but the food and ambiance in the dining hall at my school may impress you. HMU.

Author: Woody

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