Chris Boswell: The Dark Horse of Pittsburgh

Ben Roethlisberger, Le’veon Bell, and Antonio Brown the infamous Pittsburgh trio who have made their mark as the face of modern day Steelers football. Whether you call them The Big Three, The Killer Bs, or The Three Bs, they have made a huge impact on the NFL and its fans since bursting onto the scene in 2014. However many fans in Pittsburgh seem to forget the 4th B, perhaps the most important B out of them all, Chris Boswell. Thats right, the Steelers clutch kicker is often forgotten as the final piece to the puzzle that makes the Pittsburgh Steelers.Chris Boswell has been with the Steelers since 2015 and couldn’t be a better fit for the team. This Thursday night was an exhibition of Boswell’s greatness as he drilled his third 50+ yard Field goal of his young career, meaning he now holds the record for most field goals from over 50 yards at Heinz Field. Boswell is 21-25 for field goals prior to Thursday nights game, so he’s no Justin Tucker (The absolute GOAT kicker, another blog coming about him soon) but he is a huge key to the Steelers success like most other kickers in the league. Many people may not see it, but kickers really make a football team complete. What would a movie be without the final credits, a cake without the icing, or a race without a finish line?The kickers are there to close out games and make those last second field goals that can win or lose a game. Don’t forget how Chris Boswell singlehandedly won that playoff game for the Steelers last year against the Chiefs, being responsible for all 18 points scored in the football game. Some kickers are like Blair Walsh and choke under the pressure, some are like the machine they call Chris Boswell. So sure, you can go and buy your Antonio Brown jerseys and strut around on gameday like you’re the shit. If I were you I’d be wearing the jersey of the true hero of the Pittsburgh Steelers, the dark horse, Chris Boswell.    

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