Did Tony Romo Miss Last Night’s Game with an Injury??

We all grew up watching number 9 for the Dallas Cowboys on at least half the Primetime games each year he was the starting QB. Whether you loved Tony Romo or loved watching him fail in clutch games, he was a decent quarterback and probably AQBOW material. His one issue in his career (other than the choke gene he has) was his constant injuries he suffered throughout his career. Romo would always play decent regular season games and get the job done, and then get hurt and leave the Cowboys with guys like Matt Cassel and Brandon Weeden to start for the rest of the season.

Now, Tony is up in the booth, and frankly has been killing it as a colorman alongside Jim Nantz. Romo and Nantz would do the best Sunday day games alongside with Thursday Night Football. But where was Tony last night? We were stuck with, as Woody proclaimed, the douchebag that is Chris Collinsworth and egghead Mike Tirico. Well, I don’t want to assume, but would it not be like Tony to right as he’s doing well at something maybe he suffered an injury? Not a back injury or anything like that but maybe an injury that you’d expect an announcer to have. Strep throat? Laryngitis? Arthritis in the hand from holding the mic?? Either way I feel the pain of die hard Cowboy fans and the bandwagoners alike. I know what it’s like to lose your star guy and have to deal with douchebags taking his spot. This is why I’m calling forall networks to come out with an injury report. Whether it’s an injury or some family matters by our favorite announcers, the people deserve to know. Give us what we want.

Image from nationalave.com

Author: Dougy

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