Average Quarterback of the Week: David Garrard


Everyone loves a good underdog story. A man who battled from being a fourth round pick and crohn’s disease to become an extremely average quarterback in the NFL. This is the story of David Garrard. Garrard was drafted out of East Carolina University in the fourth round and Tom Coughlin, being a fiend of average quarterbacks, thought Garrard would be the future of the franchise. Jack Del Rio had other plans however and took future AQBOW Byron Leftwich to be the next future of the Jaguars. Leftwich wasn’t able to handle the bright lights of Jacksonville and dealt with injuries, so Garrard was thrust into the starting role. Garrard was given the starting job and came out with a bang and led the Jags to the playoffs in 2007, that was the last time the Jags were in the playoffs.

After Garrard got a huge contract, he did the smart thing and played VERY average in order to get paid but not risk losing his job. Like the classic player wanting to get paid but not work too hard, he lit it up in the 2009 Pro Bowl with almost 200 yards and a touchdown. After giving blood sweat and tears to Jacksonville (kind of) and playing through rectal pain and diarrhea given to him by crohn’s disease, the Jaguars thought Blaine Gabbert would be a good idea. So Garrard left, swearing to get revenge.

Well, not really. He never played an NFL game again because of his many injuries, and of course the rectal pain, he spent time with the Dolphins and Jets before retiring. He spends the remainder of his days hanging with his wife and spreading awareness on crohn’s disease, which is something I would not want to talk about, my rectal pain. But hey, he played through that pain in his bottom and people should remember his toughness. He is the iron man of the NFL. Sure Favre played without intestines, but did he ever play with rectal pains? I doubt it. Thank you David Garrard.

(All of this information is gathered either of my oddly broad knowledge of average quarterbacks or Wikipedia.com)

Image from zimbio.com

Author: Dougy

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