The Barnburner of the Season: Giants vs Chiefs

NFL football games are some of the most exciting and intense sporting events to occur, however yesterday’s Giants-Chiefs game was not one of those. A 12-9 final with one touchdown scored between both teams and that touchdown being a 1 yard run up the middle, what a barnburner. Some fans and NFL analysts are calling this the upset of the season so far. But let’s be real, and this is coming from a Giants fan, this was not the same Kansas City Chiefs team that defeated this Pats in week 1. This is a slumping Chiefs team that started out hot and burned out like a star. Teams just figured them out and how to stop them and the Chiefs have officially lost all their confidence (kinda like another team I know). To get back to the Giants, I’ll be honest, they played pretty well, I’m well aware that Alex Smith played like garbage and forgot how to throw a football properly, but regardless they played well. They stopped ROTY contender Kareem Hunt who is still an absolute beast but has had no blocking the past couple weeks. The D line and the linebackers stepped up for the Gmen this week to fill holes and it actually looked like they were trying! Now for the secondary maybe still a little work but they did have to INTs and one by Jackrabbit Jenkins who cleaned up his act from last week. The offense this week was honestly still pitiful. Still for some odd reason, the Giants coaching staff can’t seem to make a play call where they throw the ball over 20 yards. Although they did let Shane Vereen throw a pass and that ended with a beautiful pass right into the arms of a Chiefs defensive back. The peak of my frustration happened in the final drive of OT the Giants had a 1st and 10. They threw a quick out for 3 yards which hey usual Giants bullshit offense right? However the next play they ran the ball up the middle for no gain. In overtime with 2nd and 7 they decide to run the ball up the middle. I can see McAdoos thought process now, “ Hey I know we have the worst line in the league and haven’t run the ball successfully since 2013 but I think it would really threw the defense off if we just ran the ball right up the gut!” Seriously somebody has to stop this man, he could have cost the Giants the game because of this play call. They ended up throwing an incompletion on third down and had to rely on that miracle catch by Roger Lewis on 4th down. Just to think if the Giants had thrown for maybe 5 or 6 more yards they could have drilled a game winning field goal without all of New York sweating out the millionth 4th down conversion on the season. I guess I can’t complain because they did win the game, I just hate Ben McAdoo. Pats fans wouldn’t understand because they have the Albert Einstein equivalent of football coaching in Belichick’s, The guy has never made a poor play call in his career. Just looking forward to what bullshit the Giants have in store for us this turkey day.

Author: Sups

Photo: Newsday

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