Draft Fuck Up of the Week: Thanksgiving edition

This week for draft fuck up of the week, I decided I would pick a team involved in the Thanksgiving day games. I also will add some fun Thanksgiving day history for you all because I am in a giving mood today. I would like to take a look into the 1998 NFL draft and talk about a broken promise by Jerry Jones (shocking) and a chance to watch Tony Romo maybe even huck some balls to one of the best receivers of all time. This is the well known story of the Dallas Cowboys passing on the freak, Randy Moss.

It is well documented that Jerry Jones promised Moss that he would be wearing the star if he fell to the 8th spot in the draft. Many Cowboys were digging it, and the fans were ecstatic to see Moss in big D. However, in typical Jones fashion, Jones got cold feet as Moss had some off the field issues. Really Jerry? Like that has stopped you before? Wasn’t Michael Irvin charged with sexual assault while high on coke? Sure, the allegations were proven to be false, but it was quite the distraction for the Cowboys. So Jones didn’t like a good ole country boy who liked to spark up from time to time and maybe even beat up a racist in high school? Maybe I am biased as Moss is my favorite receiver of all time, but leave it to Jerry Jones to since he canned Jimmy Johnson, to make sure the Cowboys are good and not great.

Sure, they got Greg Ellis who was a decent defensive end, one pro bowl, but you would be lying if you said you wouldn’t prefer Moss over Ellis. I mean this one really pisses me off because as a fan of Troy Aikmen, Jerry Jones just let Troy’s last years be filled with concussions and ageing superstars. If he had a young Moss, he could have just tossed it up near Randy before he got his head taken off every other play.

Funny enough, Moss got to visit Dallas on Thanksgiving in 1998. He caught 3 huge touchdowns and got to get a turkey leg awarded by John Madden. Perhaps the best part of that Thanksgiving wasn’t his play, but listening to his casual country boy voice (maybe the most recognizable voice of all time) talk to Madden and rip off a turkey leg. Always chillin’ after the biggest game of his life. God, what a guy. According to ESPN, the Cowboys have never beat Moss. But no, please keep kidding yourselves, Jerry Jones is a great GM and knows what he’s doing!

Image from hiphopsportsreport.com

Author: Dougy

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