5 Non-Political Debates to have with Your Family this Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is filled with the three Fs: Food, Football, and Family. While all are great, let’s not kid ourselves, sometimes the family could be better. The Thanksgiving table can be a war zone for political chats. Whether it’s your pothead cousin who believes that every tragedy was plotted by the government or your racist uncle who has too much to drink and calls anyone who disagrees with him a commie, the political chats can be a lot to handle. So here are 5 non political debates you can have that won’t make one family member storm out before dessert.

  1. MJ vs. Lebron While these guys are the top two in basketball all time, it is more popular to say MJ is better than Bron Bron. But you will probably have one or two family members who will pull that “Any modern player is automatically better than the older player” bullshit. It’s always fun to gang up on them and say “count the rings!” It really depends what side you’re on whether you are the predator or prey.
  2. Brady or Montana? All the non patriot fans will be coming with that “Montana never lost a Super Bowl” crap. Simple way around this as a Pats fan: Sure Brady lost 2, but he has made it to 7, Montana couldn’t do that. Either way, it will surely be a good debate as both quarterbacks are great, use this one to avoid those awkward silences.
  3. Brady or Belichick? This is for when your whole family is Pats fans. You can really tell who a man is when you ask them this question. It’s forcing them to choose between the hooded genius or the charming, clutch quarterback. Be careful though, it’s like asking someone to choose which of their parents should live, some people can’t take the pressure.
  4. Pass interference Whether you want to talk about the play where Primetime was covering Michael Irvin in the 1994 NFC Championship game, or in Super Bowl 47 when Kap threw to Crabtree on the goal line and many more, find out what your family sees is a pass interference penalty. Be warned though, answers may surprise you and you may never look at someone the same way when they tell you their thoughts on the penalty.
  5. Is Joe Flacco elite? The age old question. While it might not be a great debate anymore as he sucks, it’s good to take a trip down memory lane from 2011-2014 and dissect his play in those seasons. While he won a Super Bowl and did have a great deep ball, would you put him in the same category as some of the greats at the time? (i.e. Brees, Brady, and Manning). It’s a tough call as there are good points for both sides. This one will be useful for really anytime during the day, but be prepared for some wild takes.

I hope this can help you through your Thanksgiving, and I hope everyone can enjoy Thanksgiving without hearing a fight being started by the words “He’s not my President”.

Image from boston.cbslocal.com

Author: Dougy


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