Anton Khudobin Sparking My Hockey Hype Again

Coming home for Thanksgiving is a staple for many college students, for some it’s the first time seeing their parents/family since they left for college, the first time having a home cooked meal, or even the first time seeing their pet since moving out. For me, it’s been the first time watching hockey again and honestly there’s no better way I’d want to spend my Thanksgiving eve. I am known for being the New York representative for this blog but hockey’s a different ballgame, I bleed black and gold for the Boston Bruins. College has kind of gotten in the way of my hockey fan career, I only have one TV and since the Celtics have been on a recent tear it’s hard to convince folks to flip on the hockey game to watch the struggling Bruins. Honestly I’ve seen some of the score lines and this isn’t the same old Bruins team that I remember. I mean I looked up the rosters and the whole team is filled with foreign names that don’t have any vowels in them. However coming home for Thanksgiving means I can finally kick back and watch the Bruins again without anyone going, “I don’t really like hockey” or “How can you even see the puck?” Nobody’s stopping me from jumping up screaming like a barbarian when the Bruins net a gino when hearing the angel voice of Jack Edwards. To go back to the Bruins team this 2017 season, they currently sit in 4th place in the Atlantic division with a 9-7 record and have been riddled with injuries all season. I  sat down to watch the Devils play the Bruins in New Jersey on Thanksgiving eve without seeing Brad Marchand and my favorite hockey player Torey Krug. However the hype for Bruins hockey has rushed through my veins again and it’s all because of one man, Anton Khudobin.

Khudobin is now playing his 9th season in the NHL and his 4th season with the Bruins. Khudobin has been a career backup tendy with only 113 career starts in the NHL. Now why Doby so important to me? Because I’ve followed his career, I watched him in the AHL playing for the Providence Bruins in the hockey minors, and I’ve seen him bounced around from team to team and leave the Bruins and come back. I’ve always liked him,his name, his dreamy blue eyes, and his hot glove hand. I mean with Tuukka Rask in front of you it’s hard to win a spot over him……PSYCHE! Doby burst out of the gate this season and is undefeated in his 8 games starting for the Bs. He seems to be one of the only bright spots this season. I can surely tell you he won the game against the Devils almost singlehandedly. He recorded 40 saves through regular time/OT and 10 saves in the 11 round shootout. I watched this 31 year old man stare right into the eyes of every single shooter who skated down center ice and stop all of them in some kind of new and unique way. He even starred down the Devils rookie Nico Hischer after he slapped away his bitch of an attempt at a penalty shot. Watching save after save shot more waves of adrenaline into me as my blood turned to black and gold. I couldn’t help but punch the air after watching Charlie McAvoy roof a game winner past the Devils soulless ginger goaltender. Hearing Jack Edwards yell about Bruins success got me so hyped up I could have ran through a steel wall without hesitation.

The hockey hype is back. Will the Bruins turn it around? Will the Bruins make the playoffs? Is Khudobin the next Tim Thomas? All I really know for sure is that hockey is back people and i’m going to enjoy every brutal fight, Jack Edward goal calls,and every moment the Bruins touch the ice.

Author: Sups

Photo: gettyimages

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