The Giants Embracing The Tank

Another Thanksgiving has come and gone. Now that it’s Monday and our readers are going back to work or school there’s no better time to hear me rant about how much I hate this seasons New York Football Giants and how horrible they played on our nation’s largest family holiday. Most of New England probably wasn’t watching the Thanksgiving night game, and they didn’t miss anything either because Thursday night’s game was a snooze fest. It was neck and neck, or at least the scoreline made it out that way, until the 4th quarter where once again the Giants blew it and lost their 9th game of the season.

Watching the game from the comfort of my own home on Thanksgiving I had a better feeling before the game, they’re coming off of pretty big win last week and now they’re playing another important divisional game that could ruffle a few feathers (pun intended). I broke the cardinal sin of being Giants fan, getting your hopes up. The game started out a real chess match finishing 3-3 at halftime. Same old Giants bullshit offensive play calls where they go 3 and out while the struggling Redskins offense couldn’t piece together a successful drive against the Giants defense. The Giants defense has taken a lot of heat this year and have been responsible for many of the losses, but these past two weeks the defense has actually stepped up and played much better. If you watched the game where just the Redskins offense was on the field (which was most of the game already) you would think that the Giants weren’t playing that poorly, until the Giants offense stepped onto the field.  Eli Manning threw for a stellar 113 yards passing with a INT and only threw over 10 yards on about 3 or 4 plays the whole game. The running game was subpar per usual with Darkwa getting 11 carries for 30 yards. Look at this point in the season what is there to be cautious about? Everybody’s already hurt, we aren’t saving anybody for the playoffs, so the Gmen should just be hurling the ball down the field making plays happen who cares if they’re picked off? Apparently the Giants coaching staff cares because they continued with their pussy play calling. I would need another pair of hands to count how many times the Eli threw short of the first down marker Thursday night, especially on 3rd down conversions. I mean they hire guys off the street to play wide receiver because none of the top 3 guys can stay healthy and you expect to throw checkdowns to them and hope they get by several defenders with their pure athleticism? Odell could maybe do that 3 out of 10 times. It simply will not work with these scrub receivers.

Now we all know that the Giants have stated their keeping McAdoo until the end of the season and I’m convinced it’s because the Giants team and ownership have embraced the tank. I think they know they suck, they know that the Giants hate playing for McAdoo, and they think without change they won’t win another game this season. It’s all strategic, by embracing this tank the Giants could get an early draft pick and either draft an actually strong, smart offensive lineman or even draft the future Giants QB. I could be wrong, the Giants might just be idiots and don’t know what the hell they’re doing (which is entirely possible), but as a fan I’m embracing the tank. Unlike this generation’s Pats fans I know how to lose and for the Giants they need to restructure, not rebuild, just restructure and tweak a couple things to become a legitimate threat in the NFC.

Author: Sups

Photo: Redskins Captial Connection

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