Eli Won’t Break Favre’s Consecutive Start Record: Let’s Party

Giants Coach Ben McAdoo announced today that Eli Manning will be benched in favor of Geno Smith on Sunday against the Raiders. While Sups gave me a stern head shake of disapproval when I told him the news, I have to say I am actually relieved by this. This means Eli’s starting streak is over and I couldn’t be happier.

As a Pats fan, even though both Manning brothers seem like swell guys, you always root against them, and especially since Eli broke your heart twice and sent you to bed sobbing. But it isn’t just that. Every Time Eli plays there’s always talk of how he’s catching up to Brett Favre’s ironman starting streak. That is officially over which means Eli won’t surpass Brett.  As unpopular as this is, I actually am a huge Brett Favre fan. He is my favorite player that was never a Patriot and when Peyton broke both of his passing records (yards and touchdowns) I was pissed. I would only be content if Brady broke both of those records. Not a Manning. Since Eli did unspeakable things to my heart in Super Bowl 42 and 46, I am so relieved I was spared the pain of seeing Eli called the toughest quarterback of all time. He doesn’t even have the look for it. Who is tougher? Horse face or a true country boy who doesn’t care about pain? Trust me, we all want Brett holding that title.

In other news Geno Smith will be starting this week for the Giants. This move will be both humorous and should effectively open up the Giant’s’ head coaching spot next season.

image from espn.com

Author: Dougy

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