I Figured Jay Cutler Out

There are many things that keep me up at night. Things that raid my mind and keep me too busy to go to bed. One thing that has kept me up in the past 2 weeks, sadly, is Jay Cutler. Yup, that double chinned bastard has been haunting my thoughts and I think I have figured him out. Last week I wrote an article on how Cutler probably (definitely) faked a concussion against Tampa Bay. I said he did this because he was having a bad game. But I see the bigger picture now. I have figured out Jay Cutler.

Jay comes out of games when he struggles and he tries to dodge the blame. But there is something else that is funny about his injuries. He always seems to miss the next game after he gets hurt. Funny enough, when he played shitty against the Jets, yeah the Jets, and then missed the game against the Ravens and their defense that might actually hurt him. After getting hurt against the Bucs, he missed playing the Pats in Gillette, a team that hasn’t been easy for him to play.

Jay Cutler puts as much effort into missing games that he knows will be tough as Peyton Manning put into games and Nationwide commercials. I wish a could respect it, because that is a lot of effort, but fuck that guy. I really can’t respect him. I just can’t. It’s not in my DNA. And I’d be willing to bet he will miss the next two games (one against New England) or play against Denver and get another booboo against that defense. Let’s face it though, he’ll miss both games in case he a real injury were to take place. You heard it here first.

Image from performgroup.com

Author: Dougy

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