Did LeBron’s Check To The Refs Bounce Before Last Night’s Game?

LeBron has been getting away with murder in this league since the day he walked in. I’m not a Bron fan but my bias is slight in this case, he argues EVERY call. No matter what happens he has something to say to a ref even on calls he gets. I don’t care if you’re the poster child of the league or Adam Silver’s son, you can’t play in the league for as long as he has while talking to the officials more than anyone else and never get ejected. I don’t know what he said to that man but it must’ve been horrific. On most occasions like this you’ll see a technical first, and if and only if there is continued complaining will the player be ejected. As much as I love watching LeBron’s image burn around him this seemed excessive.

Part of the problem may have stemmed from the official who ejected him. Kane Fitzgerald has been known as whistle happy with the technical calls since his time officiating the D League in 2010. Upon further inspection this is suspect to me, I mean doesn’t this just look like a guy who’s happy to be there?

Kane Fitz.jpg

Image from NBRA

This may be the only situation in NBA history where the coach is happy his superstar was thrown from the game. Ty Lue has been then “coach” of that team for a few years now, but with the King around he’s merely an assistant. If you think LeBron hasn’t made every team decision both on the floor and in the front office since his return you’re a crazy person living in a fantasy land of rainbows and sunshine. The NBA has had too many fixing/corruption scandals for this mans whole career to be an inside job. No matter how annoying he is on social media, no matter how many fans hate everything he stands for, he always comes out looking just peachy. He gets all the calls he wants and has these refs in his back pocket. I’m not even mad either, I respect the absolute stranglehold this guy has on the Commissioner’s nads. Either way it’s nice to see it took Baby BronBron fourteen years to get ejected while it took many of the greats just years to do the same. Mamba did it in just four, try a little harder next time after your stint on LeBench is done.

Author: Woody

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