Draft Fuck Up of the Week

Today is a special Draft fuck up of the week, as we go to the most recent draft in this weekly segment. In the 2003 NFL draft, there could have been a way where Andre Johnson and Calvin Johnson would be on the same team. I can see it now, the Johnson brothers. Damn, it would have been beautiful. Johnson, Johnson and Stafford. That could have been so beautiful. Of course the Detroit Lions had to screw up what could have been the best duo at wideout since Moss and Carter.

In 2003, the Detroit Lions had the 2nd pick in the draft and had the choice of two great wide receivers: Michigan State’s Charles Rogers and Miami’s Andre Johnson. While Rogers was being compared to my guy Randy Moss coming out of the draft, has anyone really gone wrong with the U? Like em or hate em, they produce as many NFL players as Philip Rivers produces children. Johnson would have been a great choice, and within a few years, the Lions could have an electric offense. Instead, they took CHarles Rogers who became a huge bust because of off the field issues.

Johnson, who might be a Hall of Famer one day, would have had to stay patient before Detroit would have gotten good with Stafford and Calvin Johnson a few years down the road. Which I bet he would have waited it out, he stayed in Houston with the best quarterback he had was the pick-six king Matt Schaub. Poor Detroit, can never get that one guy to help them take over the edge, the Lions continue to be the NFL’s sob story.

Author: Dougy

Image from hdnux.com

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