How Do You Deal With Your Exes Moving On?

Last night I shed a few too many confused tears, after the tenth minute of weeping I made a pal give me a swift but fair nut tap as a way to say “sack up Sally”. My confusion stemmed from a dilemma I’m faced with, should I be happy to see loved ones move on? Should I be angry and jealous? I just don’t know what to do. For a little bit of context, the Brady backups over the last two decades have been a revolving door of sorts. New ones come in, stay a few years and are inevitably left on another team at the helm of the ship. I’m usually happy for the second stringers, but this year it’s a little different.

In 2014 the Patriots drafted what many believed to be the successor to Tom Brady. Jimmy Garoppolo had the look of a New England quarterback. He was poised, threw a tight spiral, and was of course a gorgeous man. Just like that Tom’s Wolfpack grew. We had the two best signal callers in the division, as well as the two best looking of all time. It was like Patriots porn for the whole fanbase. Then just two years later we had another son to love and watch grow up to be just like his older brothers. Jacoby Brissett was our most rugged wolf, muscular and more mobile. Not the prototype but loved just the same. Tommy’s pack was complete, he found mentees to mentor and friends to joke with. All was well until 2017. This year we’ve seen the baby wolves stray from the pack to greener pastures. Both Jimmy and Jacoby were traded for what seems to be lacking compensation, but they’re now officially both starters in the NFL.

The whole Wolfpack is starting in Week 13 and I’m officially happy for them. It’s been a long grieving process that has taken a lot out of me. Seeing an ex move on to find other happiness is a problem our society may never find a way to deal with, but is for the best. We all love the wolves that once were, and I sleep better knowing Tommy has his old buddy Brian Hoyer on the sidelines waiting for him.

Author: Woody

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