Is Ben McAdoo the Worst Head Coach Ever?

Normally, our New York guru Sups takes care of all things New York sports. There’s been a LOT going on with the New York Football Giants and like a typical New Yorkah, Sups doesn’t seem to share the same commitment to this blog that your Boston Boys do. But I digress. I had to throw in some input because as much as Eli has ripped my heart out, chewed it up, and spit on it right after defecating on it, I do feel bad for ole horseface. The dude has been a good player and nothing but loyal to the Giants and their organization. And look what Ben McAdoo is doing to him, benching a guy who has worked his darndest to be a good player for the Gmen. With this and all of the other shenanigans McAdoo has been scheming up, it brings up the debate: is Ben McAdoo the worst head coach of all time?

He only has coached for one and a half seasons. But on paper, the G Men are a playoff team. They proved that last year but literally all of that was fucked up strictly by McAdoo. Not only are they one of the worst teams in the league, but almost every player seems to have turned on him. He’s also been calling Manning out since week 2. I’m not sure if this was the way to create a productive quarterback controversy, but I think you need to have two hall of fame quarterbacks on the roster to make that work. Having Eli and Geno battling it out with Davis Webb in the background isn’t really what Bill Walsh had in mind when he constructed his QB controversy.

And let’s not forget: the Giants are losing, players are quitting, and now the second favorite child of New York is damn near crying in press conferences. This isn’t happening in Wisconsin or Arizona. This is happening in front of maybe the most critical media in the FUCKING WORLD. This shit show is going down in New York City and I truly don’t think the media there can say enough about them.

All these pieces prove that Ben McAdoo is the worst head coach of all time. Yeah, some coaches have worse win-loss records and even shittier controversies, but damn, has one man managed to completely destroy a franchise in front of the biggest media stage in the world? Probably only McAdoo. He may have cemented him being the worst coach of all time and Lord only knows how much worse it can get.

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Author: Dougy

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