New York Giants=Biggest Clown Show in Football History

Hate is sometimes a strong word to use, however in some cases it’s necessary. In the sports world you can hate freely, you can hate a team, a player, a coach, and there’s no backlash. Now I hate Ben McAdoo, not only his coaching but just him as a person. It makes me shake with anger thinking about his stupid mustache and his weird greasy hair. What he did to Eli Manning on Tuesday has officially crossed the line and he is now probably the most hated man in New York.

To start off I’ll state once again the Giants 2017 season has been a disaster to put it kindly. The star receivers all injured, the defense in shambles, and undisciplined players throughout the roster. The ONLY bright spot seemed to be Eli, the ONLY positive vibe coming from the big blue this season, and the ONLY person you could rely on game in and game out and now he sits on the bench looking on helplessly. Why? God knows why, McAdoo has made some boneheaded decisions this season but this has to take the cake. I have not heard or seen one statement or tweet that backs McAdoos decision. The backlash has been incredible, tons of former Giants and NFL players are talking about how ridiculous this whole situation is. I think Steve Smith Sr put it the best in his tweet however, “Is it me or is Ben McAdoo running out of people to throw under the bus?” My answer to that is probably no, this spineless slime they call McAdoo has proven every week that he can’t take responsibility for his actions and would rather throw players under the bus than take the heat. What gets even more confusing is the fact that players have been seen and proven to quit on the team in games and he chooses to sit the one player who hasn’t quit? For example Eli Apple on that punt return where he left his gunner position and stood there and watched his returner get obliterated by the opponents punt team or when Jenkins took plays off against the 49ers that ultimately cost them the game and they both continued to play week in week out. Eli, the qb who started 210 straight games, showed up to practice everyday, and proudly wore the gold captains logo on his jersey, is the one to blame for this god awful team. Not the horrible coaching and play calls that put them in the worst in game positions, It’s the veteran quarterback’s fault with no offensive line.

Now let me get started on who the new starting qb is now for the Giants, only the biggest name in New York football history, Geno Smith! He’s more like the laughing stock of New York football. He was pretty decent in college but now he’s just a washed up bum. Geno was originally born Eugene Cyril Smith and let me just say, Cyril has to be the worst name for a quarterback and I don’t care if it’s a middle name. We all know Geno and the NFL already knows what Geno can offer and it’s not good either, so why the hell does it make sense to make him the starter of Giants? Who knows, but once again to cover his own ass McAdoo and the coaching staff have hinted that the rookie Davis Webb could make the rest of the starts this season starting in week 14. That would make sense if Davis Webb was a football prodigy or even a1st round pick. He’s a rookie and I could be wrong but he is not better than Eli and probably won’t be, he spent his senior year at Cal cleaning up after Jared Goff made every football fan in California hard. Essentially he is a boneless Jared Goff and doesn’t give the Giants any better chance of winning especially when they have the douche-canoe McAdoo having some say in the offensive play calls.

To wrap this up the only gleam of positive light I see out of this relates back to my previous article, the Giants embracing the tank. The Giants may very well never win another game this season. They have a couple games they could pull out against the Raiders and Cowboys but that’s only if the defense lets up 3 points max because this offense will only get worse. What the Giants organization did to Eli should be a crime and proves that this year’s Giants are the clown show of the NFL.

Author: Sups

Photo: Reddit

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