Eric Taylor off to a Rough Start

As Eric Taylor took the sidelines week one against the Atlanta Falcons Week 1, he was feeling confident and that was because of his run game. Not mentioned in my first part of this series, but Jordan Howard is going to have to be the man in this run heavy offense. He didn’t prove himself as the next Smash Williams yet, but he got off to a good start. At the end of the first quarter, the game was tied 6-6. Howard has 4 carries for 16 yards and it seemed because of his carries and some of his receptions that the game was close against the defending NFC champs. Unfortunately he got hurt and he proved that he was essentially the only good thing going as Eric Taylor lossed his first NFL game 30-6. Not too hot. You just know coach Taylor is not sleeping for a week and Tami won’t be getting any this week.

There was some bright spots though. Well, not really as Mike Glennon played pretty horribly. His stat line for the game was 13-26 with 103 yards and a pick. But when Jordan Howard went down, the “Clear Minds Full Hearts Can’t Lose” mentality shined through as in the second half alone Glennon’s giraffe-like-body decided his arm wasn’t getting it done so he ran 8 times for 31 yards. Not his best day, but a true grinder who will do anything for the team. Meanwhile, Trubisky is still taking the offense in before Coach Taylor throws the young buck into the starting spot.

    We do have a new face who hopefully will give a boost to a special teams return game so Howard won’t be taking the pounding of running the whole field. That’s right, the guy who was falsely accused of a crime and was cut by the Cowboys. Lucky Whitehead. Taylor believes in second chances though, he will hopefully be an asset to the new and improved Bears.

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Author: Dougy

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