The Eric Taylor Era Has Begun

A few weeks ago, I wrote about how Eric Taylor would be the perfect fit for the Chicago Bears. Since finals are coming up and I’m looking for something to procrastinate from my studies, and since there’s no way of telling how this would go instead of in Madden, I decided I would create coach Eric Taylor and make him the Head Coach of the Chicago Bears in Madden 18. I am trying to keep this franchise run about  as Eric Taylor as it can get. So my offense is a heavy run offense and my defense is either 4-3 or 3-4 (who really cares). I was real excited to get this going to see the Eric Taylor era at the helm, but the media didn’t think so.


Yikes. Shocked isn’t the word for what I saw in the Madden media. But whatever, coach Taylor wouldn’t concern himself with that. He had work to do. First I had to find a better fullback to make this power run offense work. I signed the best guy in free agency. Unfortunately there was no “drinking problem” stat to look for in fullbacks, so I signed the best guy I could.

Secondly, I decided it would be the best move to make Mike Glennon my starting quarterback. As unpopular as this is, it’s a coach Taylor move. Let Trubisky learn Taylor’s complex offense and let Glennon manage the offense for a while. I simmed the first preseason game and Glennon was 4-5 for 40 yards and a TD pass, just what I’m looking for. Although Trubisky threw for 332 yards and 2 touchdowns. So there’s something there, but coach Taylor does NOT fold to the wants of the media or fans. Only true football guys like himself would get it. Besides, Taylor isn’t starting a rookie who’s twitter is filled with tweets like this.


I mean Taylor loves himself some titties, that’s not the problem (have you seen Tami Taylor?) but Mitch spelled it wrong. “Tittiess”? It sounds like someone had a few beers and porn instead of a protein shake and film.

I will sim most games, but will keep you updated on the coach Taylor era in the Windy City and the crazy events that will go down in this mini series.

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