Today’s Biggest CFB Coaching News

I’m not really a huge college football guy. Sure, I’ll watch a few games, it’s nice to catch a game before going out with the boys on Saturdays. But I don’t follow it as much as my Buckeye roommate, Sups. Truly that kid is fuckin’ nuts when it comes to anything Buckeyes.  But with what’s been going on with the coaching carousel these days, I had to throw in my opinion.

First, I can’t deny I have lost some respect for ole Jimbo Fisher leaving the Seminoles. It’s going to be weird not seeing either wrinkly Bobby Bowden or Jimbo on the sideline at Florida State. To me, it seems like Jimbo sold out. I am disappointed to say the least. Maybe my favorite college football head coach (only because his nickname is Jimbo) now is at the bottom of my list. Never respect a sellout. And now who will be the new Seminoles coach? I tell ya this is moving way too fast for my liking, I’m not sure I’m ready for a new coach in Tallahassee to switch his players’ grades.

In other news, Tennessee is still looking for their new head coach after North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un has apparently turned down the position. Shocker. It seems like a less stressful gig then what’s going on now. I do think his hire would have been good for the Vols. When I do watch college football, I root for the Volunteers so if someone like Kim Jong Un could just shut down the city of Knoxville and tell everyone that he has led the Vols to back-to-back-to-back-to-back National Championships and execute all who question it, why wouldn’t Tennessee celebrate?

It will be interesting to see who has the task of taking over these two schools and try and bring them to the top.

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Author: Dougy

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