What Happens When A Raven Can’t Make Things Happen Through The Air?

The 2017 Baltimore Ravens are record-chasers whether you like it or not. If you’re a Baltimore fan though, you probably fall more towards the latter side. Joe Flacco has lead this team to an astoundingly bad 8.2 yards per completion, more than half a yard worse than the previous record holders of whom I’ll talk a little more about later. Watching a Ravens game this season is like watching really bad Big 10 football. By halftime their drive recaps usually read something like; punt, punt, interception, punt, field goal, punt, and you can probably mix in another turnover or two for the Dirty Birds. We’ve known Joe Flacco wasn’t in that top tier for some time, after a few Pro Bowl seasons and a Super Bowl he seemed to hit a wall, hard. Their whole offense is based on power runs and checkdowns, they have a few playmakers on offense but not many “weapons”. Mike Wallace and Jeremy Maclin are fine players but seem to be past their productive years. Heading into their 12th game, Wallace leads the team with just 371 receiving yards and that’s just horrendous. Alex Collins flew in out of nowhere to lead this team’s rushing attack to the tune of 630 yards on 5 YPC. Terrence West and Javorius Allen have been anything but impressive, and overall the offense has been a non-factor. But you ask, who’s record are they chasing?

Bengals Ryan Fitz.jpg

Image from GettyImages

Who else but the 2008 Cincinnati Bengals. Led at first by the mighty Carson Palmer only to be replaced by ol’ Ryan Fitzpatrick. What a power couple under center that was, combining for a barn-burning eleven touchdowns and fifteen interceptions on the season. Now, how could this years Ravens be that bad? Good question with a better answer, they’re actually much worse. These Ravens make that Bengals team look like a Belichick and Brady season. The record set by the Bengals was 8.8 yards per completion, worst in NFL history, and the Ravens sit now at 8.2. Also a fun side note, Marvin Lewis got an extension after that disgustingly poor 2008 season. What a world that guy lives in. Either way I don’t think Slinging-Joe Flacco would have it any way and we should all enjoy our time watching him throw interceptions before its too late.

Hey Baltimore, don’t you wish you knew you were in the good ole days before they were gone? Guess what, these aren’t them. At least now you know.

Author: Woody

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