Trubisky Time for Coach Eric Taylor

Welp, I managed to sim to the midseason point of Eric Taylor’s reign in Chicago, and the big news is that Mitch Trubisky has taken over the starting role in the Windy City. Fuck that Glennon guy huh? I know many are thinking it was long overdue but Glennon got turf toe. That’s right. TURF TOE. No Dillon Panther ever sat out with turf toe, so no QB of Eric Taylor’s will either.

Trubisky actually threw the first touchdown of the Bear season and is playing extremely average. Right where we want him. The offense is 31st in the league, but that is all on the passing game since Jordan Howard is being a beast and maybe be Taylor’s best back since Smash Williams. Howard leads the NFL with 727 rush yards. Thank God for him because where the hell would we be without him.

As for the team as a whole, they sit 3-5. It’s not a great record but 2 losses were close games. So we are in decent shape. The big weak spot is the wide receiver spot. Not exactly brag worthy that our top two receivers are Kendall Wright and Victor Cruz, each tied with 2 touchdowns, so that will be a hotspot this upcoming offseason. As for coach Taylor, he’s still focused on the season, the division race is still a tight one and even though he sits at 3-5, at least he is in Chicago and doesn’t have to hear Julie Taylor bitch and moan all the time. He just has to hear that from the many, MANY players who have been turning down contracts.

Sidenote: Starting now all of the articles for this miniseries will be put out on Fridays.

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Author: Dougy

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