Is Gronk the Next CTE Victim?

Today was one of those days that the Pats have that will be forgotten after the season is over. Those divisional games where nothing happens too crazy offensively and it’s really not a big deal if you missed it. But there was quite a story today involving the fun-loving goofball that is Rob Gronkowski. Damn did it get dark. Take a took:

Well holy shit. That kind of scared me a little. I mean we’ve seen Gronk do some crazy shit with his huge frame, like when he blocked the shit out of Sergio Brown and according to Gronk, “bounced him out the club”. But he danced on the sideline like the goofball he is, so how could you be mad at him? He’s probably the one Patriot you cannot hate and the number one guy I would love to go to a club with. But today that huge ass body was used to wreck Tre’Davious White.

So where the hell did all of that anger come from? I don’t even think a hungover Gronk could do something like that. I love him and will continue to love him, and I also will defend him as I can see his frustration. I have literally never seen a flag thrown when DBs hold him tighter than Bibi Jones held him in what might be the greatest photo of all time.


But I do have to say that was crazy watching Gronk drive into White like that. Seeing him do something bad was like the first time you maybe see your significant other get super competitive for the first time, a side you have never seen before. So why did Gronk get so angry? One possibility and a crazy take: CTE? I mean he’s been playing a while and I’m sure has hit the noggin a few times. And not trying to get ahead of myself because I always hope Gronk’s health is good, but it wouldn’t be the first time a beloved athlete took a bit of a downward spiral *cough cough OJ cough*

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Author: Dougy

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