AQBOW: Tommy Maddox

This week’s AQBOW is a very special one. Not only has he been named the average QB of the week this week, he also is the first GOAT that has made the segment. I’m talking about the greatest XFL football player of all time: Tommy Maddox. That’s right, the Tommy Gun was drafted out of UCLA after a very average college football career, but he still was taken in the first round by the Denver Broncos in 1992. This rustled a few feathers with John Elway, as Elway considered himself still in his prime.

Maddox played a few snaps here and there, but due to cap issues, the Broncos were forced to trade him to the LA Rams where he didn’t do much. He then went to the Giants and was reunited with coach Dan Reeves from his Denver days. This reunion wasn’t that great as his best highlights were like his earlier ones, all kick holding. He barely made it on this list actually since he did a lot of holding. But his nickname really helped.

After being cut from New York, he had a small stint in Atlanta where after he got cut there he went on to be an insurance agent in Dallas. Ultimate average QB move. He got a call from the arena football league and he threw 64 touchdowns for the New Jersey Red Dogs. This got him a gig with the LA Xtreme in the XFL and was the only man to be elected MVP. In fact, he’s still the reigning MVP to this day!

After leaving LA, Maddox signed with Pittsburgh and this is where his legacy as an average QB came into play. He played some very average games and had some flashes of greatness. Tommy Gun even won a Super Bowl while backing up Ben Roethlisberger in Super Bowl 40, and that was the last season Maddox played in the NFL.

While he played some average seasons and even some below average, his nickname stands as the best of all time for a quarterback. He played some average games and wasn’t a huge mark on the NFL, but he is the best XFL player of all time and no one can take that away from him. That legacy will stand forever.

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Author: Dougy

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