Ding Dong McAdoo’s Dead: Time to Party

Yeah so I guess just forget everything I said in my previous blog because shortly after posting it the Giants fired both Ben McAdoo and Jerry Reese and also named Eli the starter for the upcoming week.

This is the day we’ve all been waiting for, finally McAdoo is canned and Giants fans can exhale with relief. Jerry Reese, the longtime Giants GM was also fired today and that’s not as good news as McAdoo to be honest. Reese was with the team for both Super Bowl runs and has been with the organization for 11 years. He’s seen the team both succeed and fail, it was without a doubt time for Reese to go but we can all thank him for what he’s done for this organization. McAdoo on the other hand, not so much.  Sure he brought the team to its first playoffs in several years but this clown has no control over his team and the only way I can describe him is he’s just a douche. I do believe in conspiracy theories and I do believe that there is one attached to this firing. Now prior to the benching of Eli, the status of both McAdoo’s job and Reese’s job was supposed to be determined at the end of the season, at least that’s what the public was told. It might be a stretch but what if Giants ownership had a plan to fire the two this week several weeks prior and wanted to keep it secret in case the season for whatever reason began to get back on track. Somehow McAdoo found out about his job being in jeopardy and the asshat he is decided to go out with a bang by benching Eli and ruining the only good thing the Giants had going this season, Eli’s consecutive start streak. I mean really, why start Geno when you know that your job security is slim as it is.

Moving to the last piece of news about Eli back behind the center for next weeks game, Ive gotta say Im excited. This totally contradicts my last article I can’t wait to see him hurling the ball all over the field and hopefully now that McAdoo’s gone , the coaching staff will run some unique plays that will get us some big yards instead of watching the offense run HB dives and quick slants. This still leave us the question if Eli will stay with the team next year and if he does will the Giants still draft a first round qb? If I’m being honest, Eli leaving next year wouldn’t be the worst thing and I wouldn’t blame him. He still has a little talent left and it’s being wasted if they continue to run the same offense and the Giants have now shown that they’re not totally on board with him as the starter going forward.

Overall today’s been a pretty good day as a Giants fan, at least in my opinion. Its been a long time coming and finally the Giants are making changes in order to help the future of the franchise. Thank God I don’t have to keep seeing McAdoo’s stupid resting douche face on TV anymore and i can see the sparkly eyed Steve Spagnuolo running the big blue the rest of this season. There’s still a gleam of hope Giants fans, all we have to do is wait.

Author: Sups


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