Is Pete Carroll Clinically Insane?


There’s no denying Pete Carroll is a great football coach and coaches 20 years younger than he is. How can this guy be such a hip old guy and have as much energy as his players. Diet and exercise? Good sleep times? I would like to think it’s because the man is fucking insane. He looks like he could snap and harm many in just minutes. He didn’t look this way before. Here is a picture of him at USC.


Normal. If you see the head picture, he has this weird crazy look in his eye that is extremely unsettling. I’m not sure what it is. Maybe the whole USC issue where his dynasty was torn down by the NCAA affected him the wrong way. There is something not right about him and as much as I think he’s a good coach, I think I may keep my distance from that guy. You never know when he’ll pop off.

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Author: Dougy

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