It’s The Burfict Time Of The Year For The League’s Biggest Asshole

Every once in a while the NFL sees a player lose his cool and make a dumb decision. In a game built on testosterone, muscle, and high impact collisions you’re bound to have tempers flair on occasion. Every time we get a cheap shot from a player it becomes a tag over their head, a way the fans seem to believe they’re reprimanding a player on various outlets. Most recently we saw the Kiko Alonso hit to Joe Flacco, as well as yesterday’s installment from Gronk. In no way am I defending any of these players, but to some extent fans have to understand that in this game tempers have a lot of control over a player. There is no excuse for what Rob Gronkowski did to Tre’Davious White, but when a player makes the occasional mistake it shouldn’t define who they are. Now if you want to pin the tail on football’s taint, it’s a very short list. There still remains one man who takes pride in the dirtiest part of the game. That players name? Vontaze Burfict.

The reason he’s making the news today is in light of tonight’s Monday night game between the Bengals and the Steelers. Burfict is the League’s resident cheap shot artist, and just about two years ago he crushed Antonio Brown on a play he had zero involvement in. His intentions ran red with blood, pure helmet-to-helmet contact driven by a will to injure the player. Let me refresh your memories of just how big of a dick this guy is.

Vontaze Hit.gif

GIF from Reddit

Absolutely terrible. Two years later and it’s still appalling to me that this hit was made. I don’t care if it was to Antonio Brown or the practice squad punt returner, this is total bullshit. Now Burfict came out in the news today and gave a statement to CBS Sports about this hit. One might hope it’s an apology, right? Wrong. When asked about Brown’s concussion suffered on the hit, Burfict replied, “He faked that.” Words can’t describe my hatred for this guy and you all should as well. I wish him all the worst in life, and to help convince you I’ll end this blog with a few more instances of this guy being a total dick on the field. Long live the league’s suspension policy. Enjoy.


GIF from TheBigLead

Burfict Lays out Chief.gif

GIF from Steeler Depot

Burfict is a dick.gif

GIF from Odyssey

P.S: I mean come on, really? I rest my case with him assaulting that poor camera man just trying to do his job.

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